Vegan 101

We get a lot of messages from people that want to go vegan but are not quite sure how to get it going. We also remember this "time of transition" very well that comes with all kinds of questions and a wide variety of issues to deal with: which ingredients are (not) plant-based, how can we recreate our favorite recipes from the past, how do you replace eggs in baking, and is it necessary to take dietary supplements?

This is why we launched this "Vegan 101" page where you'll find perfect recipes and articles to get you started!

„Zucker&Jagdwurst Vegan Guide“

Our Print Magazine: The „Zucker&Jagdwurst Vegan Guide“!

We also published a print magazine called „Zucker&Jagdwurst Vegan Guide“ that features helpful articles and 22 recipes for beginners. Unfortunately, it's only in German for now, but if you're still interested, check out our online shop.

Helpful Articles to Start With

Easy Recipes for Beginners

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Basics for Baking

Easy Vegan Baking Recipes

Missing Cheese, hm?

Family Visit? Here Are Some Veganized Classic Dishes!

Sweets & Snacks You Don't Have to Miss Out On

For Breakfast

What to Cook with Tofu

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Hej, we are Julia&Isa!
Hej, we are Julia&Isa!

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