Vegan Taco Dogs

We have a soft spot for tacos and love to experiment with them. Besides classics such as fish tacos (vegan, of course!), tostadas or taquitos, we also serve Korean tacos, ramen tacos, chanterelles tacos or even chocolate tacos. You can find all our taco recipes here.

Well, sooner or later this was bound to happen. We love to throw our favorite foods in tacos, so there HAS to be hot dog in it somehow. And this is why we replace a hot dog bun with a taco today. Try it out, it’s a superduper, easy and quick snack that suprises you with walnuts in it! De-lish!

R67 Vegan taco dogs
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Vegan Taco Dogs

6 Taco Dogs
15 minutes


  • 6 soft tacos
  • 6 large vegan sausages
  • about 300 g (10.5 oz) sauerkraut
  • 12 small gherkins
  • 1 handful of roasted onions
  • 3 tbsp mustard seeds
  • 1 handful of waltnuts


  • 150 g (5.3 oz) vegan mayo
  • 3 tbsp mild mustard
  • 3 tbsp medium hot mustard


  1. Start by roasting vegan sausages in a pan with some oil, so they get crispy.
  2. Stir vegan mayo with sweet mustard - of course you can add more mustard if you like, but don’t forget that there will be another layer of mustard on your taco dog afterwards.
  3. Chop walnuts and slice gherkins.
  4. And so it starts: Spread some sweet-mustard-mayo on your taco and add sauerkraut, vegan sausages and gherkins. Finish up with chopped walnuts, mustard seeds, roasted onions and one final nice line of medium hot mustard.
R67 Vegan taco dogs
R67 Vegan taco dogs
R67 Vegan taco dogs
R67 Vegan taco dogs

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