Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes with 3 Ingredients

While brainstorming about recipes for our themed pancake week, we had the idea to make one recipe with only a few recipes. Only a few minutes on Google showed us that this is a really popular idea. There are 5 ingredient and even 2 ingredient pancakes. To no overdo it right away, we settled in between. A vegan pancake with three ingredients should be possible, right?

Besides this thought we also had a sweet potato pancake on our wish list, so we ended up combining these two options. Sweet potato was now the first ingredient – only two more to go! To get the best result we decided to test all kinds of options: mashed banana, flour, sparkling water, sugar, baking powder, and more. But the winner was this dream team: sweet potato, apple sauce, and rice flour!

Sweet potato is the base for this pancake. It adds flavor and when it’s mashed, it even has a doughy texture. However, to not end up with a mushy pancake, we need a dry counterweight.

Apple sauce isn’t the dry counterweight, obviously. But it goes great with sweet potato and adds some acidity plus sugar to our pancakes. The latter is great because it meant we could skip any additional sugar for this recipe. Apple sauce is also known to be a good egg replacement in vegan cuisine.
Rice flour__ is the third ingredient that now combines the two soft ingredients. It also ensures that your pancakes will turn quite crispy while frying.

These pancakes can even be served sweet and savory. Our test jury (consisting of us and Julia’s sister) opted for the savory option, but we also liked the combination with sliced banana and maple syrup on top. Feel free to decide to your taste!

R390 Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes with 3 Ingredients
R390 Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes with 3 Ingredients
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Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes with 3 Ingredients

8 pancakes
40 minutes


  • 225 g (7.5 oz) sweet potato
  • 3 tbsp apple sauce
  • 80 g (o.66 cup) rice flour
  • salt
  • vegetable oil for frying


  1. Peel and chop sweet potato. Add to a pot, cover with water, and season with salt. Boil sweet potato for approx. 20 minuten or until soft. Drain and mash the sweet potatoes, then let them cool down. Our mashed sweet potatoes weighted approx. 200 g / 7 oz.

  2. Add mashed sweet potatoes, apple sauce, and rice flour to a bowl, season with salt and stir to combine. The batter will be thick and you should even be able to form pancake patties with your hands.

  3. Heat vegetable oil in a frying pan and fry sweet potato pancakes in batches and for approx. 4 – 5 min. per side until they are browned.

  4. Serve sweet potato pancakes with toppings of your choice! We used vegan sour cream, radishes, and scallions, but you can also go the sweet way and serve these pancakes with coconut flakes, banana, and maple syrup!

R390 Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes with 3 Ingredients
R390 Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes with 3 Ingredients

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