7 vegan dumpling recipes

Dumplings are one of the most under-represented dishes in all of our diets. Although everyone is just happy when you serve them tortellini, wontons, pierogies or mandus, most of us don't prepare dumplings very often at home (including us). So we decided to dedicate a whole week to to these small, doughy bits! Make sure to check all of the 7 vegan dumpling recipes here and enjoy all the different fillings and folding techniques.

A134 7 vegan dumpling recipes

Vegan Pierogis with sauerkraut & mushrooms

R365 Vegan pierogies with sauerkraut & mushrooms

Vegan Manti with soy filling

R366 Vegan Manti

Vegan Mandu with Kimchi

R367 Vegan Mandus with Kimchi

Vegan Samosas with Potato and Chickpea Filling

R368 Vegan Samosas

Vegan “Germknödel“ (Yeast Dumplings filled with Plum Jam)

R369 Vegan Yeast Dumpling filled with Plum Jam

Vegan Chili Wontons

R370 Vegan Chili Wontons

Vegan Tortellini with Spinach & Cashew

R371 Vegan Tortellini with Spinach & Cashew

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