7 German Beer Garden Copycat Recipes

Nowadays, there are many places where it's very easy to get vegan options. In the soccer stadium, in the cinema, in the furniture store, in restaurants and cafés anyway, and even at fairs, you can find more and more vegan food like langos or fruit skewers covered with dark chocolate. We dedicate this theme week to a place where the vegan selection is so far... let's say, expandable. That's why, over the next seven days, we're going to show you seven dishes we'd like to see in every beer garden and show you how to cook and bake them at home.

And with that said, we welcome you to the Zucker&Jagdwurst beer garden! We serve you vegan veal sausages, Bavarian meatloaf, and much more, and we dream of the day when we find all these dishes in a "real" beer garden. However, until this dream becomes a reality, we have to make a vegan beer garden ourselves at home and show you from Monday to Sunday how this works best.

In this article, you will find an overview of the entire theme week. Every day we update this list and add the latest recipe - so keep checking back!

R752 Vegan Veal Sausage

1. Vegan Veal Sausage

Get the recipe here!

R 749 - Vegane Käsespätzle-Rösti

2. Vegan Cheese Spaetzle Hash Browns

Get the recipe here!


3. Vegan “Scheiterhaufen” (Sweet Bread Casserole with Apples)

Get the recipe here!

R751 Sauerkraut Stuffed Pasta Rolls

4. Sauerkraut Stuffed Pasta Rolls

Get the recipe here!

R748 Vegan Bavarian Meatloaf

5. Vegan Bavarian Meatloaf

Get the recipe here!

R753 Bavarian Styled Hot Dogs

6. Bavarian Hot Dogs with Vegan “Obazda Cheese” Mayonnaise

Get the recipe here!

R754 Vegan Curd Strudel with Cherries

7. Vegan Curd Strudel with Cherries

Get the recipe here!

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