7 Vegan 5-Ingredient Recipes

Every few months we dedicate a whole week to a special topic on our blog. Following the theme, we publish a new recipe every day, from drinks and snacks to main courses and desserts. So far, we’ve already celebrated a pasta, party and picnic week and shared seven dishes from our childhood. Check out all past themed weeks here.

It was both a constraint and a source of inspiration when we decided to do a theme week of 5-ingredient dishes. The whole test cooking team quickly realized that recipe development is more focused and sometimes even more straightforward when you don't have an infinite choice of ingredients. And yet, in the end, we got seven dishes on our table that you wouldn't necessarily think consisted of so few ingredients.

This week you can expect both sweet and savory recipes – a soup, a casserole, a pie, a hearty skillet, as well as a sweet main dish, cookies, and a tart. But, of course, you can also consider all our dishes as basic recipes and expand them with a sixth, seventh, or even thirteenth ingredient according to your taste.

In this article, you will find an overview of the complete theme week. We update this list every day to add the latest recipe - so keep checking back!

R727 5-Ingredient Vegan Phyllo Pie

1. Vegan 5-Ingredient Phyllo Pie

Get the recipe here!

R728 5-Ingredient Tofu Fajitas

7. 5-Ingredient Tofu Fajitas

Grab the recipe here!

R729 Vegan Biscoff Semolina Pudding (with 5 ingredients)

3. Vegan 5-Ingredient Biscoff Semolina Porridge

Grab the recipe here!

R733 Vegan Cookies with Liquid Chocolate Filling (with 5 ingredients)

5. Vegan 5-Ingredient Stuffed Cookies

Grab the recipe here!

R731 Vegan Tortellini Casserole (with 5 ingredients)

5. Vegan 5-Ingredient Tortellini Bake

Grab the recipe here!

R732 Vegan Pea Soup with Sausages (with 5 ingredients)

6. Vegan 5-Ingredient Pea Soup

Grab the recipe here!

R730 Vegan Chocolate Pretzel Tart (with 5 ingredients)

7. Vegan 5-Ingredient Pretzel and Peanut Butter Tart

Grab the recipe here!

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