How to Eat Vegan in Prague: Our favorite restaurants

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My last visit in Prague was ten years ago, I guess. So a loooong, loooong time passed by. At the beginning of August we wanted to remember this beautiful city and check out all the new vegan spots. We had big luck with the weather and also the god for yummy, vegan goulash was nice to us, cause the best moment or peak of the weekend was eating the vegan, spicy gulash at Maitrea. Wow, that was so delish! Unfortunately we didn’t manage a lot vegan spots so let’s start with these four. The next time we will be in Prague we will add some new spots to the list. Do you have any tips?

Café Neustadt

A24 Out and About in Prague

Café Neustadt offers soy milk, vegan sweets (if you’re lucky) and free water and wifi. Wohoo! We made a break there, drunk some Chai Latte and instantly loved the Café. Nice furnished, friendly waitresses and enough seats to chill.


A24 Out and About in Prague

Banana bread, mini-chocolate-cakes and apple strudel: we want back to mamacoffee. And yes they have soy milk too. In the centre of Prague Neustadt this bistro is really nice furnished and 2 minutes away from Café Neustadt. There are not many seats but a lot of vegan options.

UGO Salaterie

A24 Out and About in Prague

UGO Salaterie serves fresh salads, smoothis and juices. All of them are yummy and the perfect snack for a short break.


A24 Out and About in Prague

We really wanted to go to Maitrea because they offer two czech specialities: Spicy Gulash and Traditional “Svíčková“. Yes, and they are vegan. So we definitely need to try it! When we first went to Maitrea they had no seats left so we came back the next day. Sure, we tried the spicy gulash with baked potatoes and it was really, really yummy and perfect hearty (I guess the meat was made of wheat). Maitrea also offers burgers, thai food and raw dishes. Sounds a bit weird, but its worth it!

Next time we have to go to: Loving Hut, LoVeg, Clear Head

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