How to Eat Vegan in Athens: Our favorite restaurants

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Never heard of the huge number of vegan restaurants in Athens? Well, me neither! But in February it was time for me to go to Athens. Like always, I made some research before and yes, I found some vegan spots! But also the traditional greek kitchen offers some vegan stuff: greek rice noodle salads, bean pastes or rice in vine leaves. And it’s so good! I visited two vegan restaurants in Athens and both of them were really good.


A57 Out and About in Athens

At Avocado you get burgers, pasta, currys, salads, fresh pressed juices, coffee & cakes. The waitresses are too friendly and sweet and the food is also delish! The decoration of the restaurant is a bit esoteric, but we don’t mind. Perfect for lunch or a coffee break at noon.

Rosebud (closed)

A57 Out and About in Athens

The food at Rosebud was too good to be true. Really, it was by far the best food I had in Athens. They offer a lot of seats inside and also the waitresses were superb! AND THIS CHEESECAKE, oh my! I ordered the vegan Souflaki and was totally satisfied and filled after my visit.

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