How to Eat Vegan in Madeira: Our favorite restaurants

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Madeira is a really underestimated island. Beautiful nature, mild temperatures throughout the whole year and so many crazy fruits & veggies. I’ve never heard of them before! Wowsi! If you are looking for a relaxed holiday and no long flights, go and check Madeira! Vegan is not one of the main topics here, but I found two, three spots you should check out. Let’s go!

Indian House

A50 Out and About in Madeira

When it comes to ordering food I really like to rely on others. When I am having lunch with Julia I am saying most of the time: “Choose what you would like to eat and we share.” Easy! I did almost the same at Indian House, just without Julia. So I also told the chef of the restaurant that I would like to have something vegan with a lot of veggies and it worked perfectly. A few weeks later I still dreamed of their garlic naan. It was so yummy! Indian restaurants are always a good idea cause they are familiar with vegan food, so they know what you want, most of the time.

Hamburgueria do Mercado

A50 Out and About in Madeira

We discovered the Mercado by accident. The vegan choice is not that big, because they only serve one vegan burger. But hey, this one was delish. Juices, smoothies and fries are also yummy and the Mercado is in the center of Funchal. Boom!

Olives Restaurant

A50 Out and About in Madeira

In the evening we visited the Olives, we walked around for ten minutes and didn’t found the address. Until we recognized: ahhh, it’s on the roof of the building! So we walked up to the third floor and took a seat on their rooftop. They offer a full vegan menu, if you ask for it. Check this out: pumpkin soup, mushroom and cashew salad, avocado and tamarillo salad, stuffed pepper with wild rice, crispy seeded bread filled with tofu and more. It’s a bit more expensive, but really yummy and you will love the view!

Mercado dos Lavradores

When you’re visiting Funchal, you should stop at this market. There are a lot of fruits, veggies & salads you haven’t seen before. So grab a bag and buy all the stuff you want. 20 sorts of passion fruit? No problem!

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