How to Eat Vegan in Hamburg: Our favorite restaurants

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Oh Hamburg, looks like your vegan heaven! Hamburg wants to indulge your vegan tummies. Pizza, panini and vegan egg salad. We really like to visit Hamburg, because this city is the perfect place for a city trip. There is a lot to see and a lot to eat. We tried some spots and each of them was just perfect. Check out our favorite spots here.

Pizza Bande

Hello you lovely Pizza Bande! There are two words I instantly have to think of: SO CROWDED. Because you know what? It’s pizza heaven. You need a lot of time to catch some seats on a table and your pizza, especially on the weekend and when it’s cold outside. Vegan pizzas are made with Wilmersburger cheese and they taste so good!! You can top them with the stuff you pick.

Caffé Latte

Caffé Latte is also a crowded place, so you have to wait a bit on weekends. But the panino I ate here was one of the best yet. It was only a panini with some veggie stuff on it, but it was so well seasoned, tasty, cheep and perfect for a hungry girl like me. Damn! I had to fight with myself not to go there again.

Café Miller

A37 Out and about in Hamburg

I visited Café Miller some years ago, when I went to Hamburg for the Reeperbahn Festival. So when we went to Café Miller, they had Sunday Brunch and it was again: vegan heaven. Can you start your Sunday better? No, because vegan egg salad, vegan ‘ground pork’ and pancake said hello.

Happenpappen – veganverliebt

A37 Out and about in Hamburg

Although ‘Happenpappen’ just opened in early 2016, it was recommended by each of our friends from Hamburg. So in way, we HAD to check it out and it definitely didn’t disappoint us. The restaurant is like a flat with different rooms to eat in. They serve cake and various dishes each day. Also step by at 6pm, when the menu changes and they serve burger.

Jim Burrito’s

A37 Out and about in Hamburg

Situated directly in ‘Hamburg Schanze’, we found a real nice Mexican restaurant serving lots of vegan options. You could get a burrito but you could also ask for the vegan quesadillas that are NOT on the card. Ha! But you’ll get them if you ask and they are too delicious. Cripy seitan and melty vegan cheese. Yumm.

Zum Spätzle

A37 Out and about in Hamburg

Watch out Swabian people: This restaurant is just perfect for you. At “Zum Spätzle” you’ll get all the typical Swabian food, e.g. spaetzle, ‘Flädlesupp’ and ‘Maultaschen’ – everything handmade, made with regional ingredients and a lot of it with vegan options. It’s more expensive than other restaurants (around 10-12 europ per dish), but you’ll walk home fullDas kostet euch zwar a and happy.

Schmitt Foxy Food

Schmitt is the perfect place to get a little snack in the evening, before you get yourself some drinks in a bar around here. They are famous for their curry wurst, but I had to try a vegan hot dog, cause I am really not into that ‘currywurst’ business. The sausage was a bit spicy and not a “normal” hot dog sausage. It tastes really good and the stuff was also quite sweet!

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