4 Recipes for your vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

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Vegan Thanksgiving? No problem at all! In Germany we call this ‘Erntedankfest’, but this has never been a big deal in my family. Maybe there was small feast in kindergarten, but afterwards I missed this ‘holiday’ altogether. This is something no American could ever think off. Missing out on Thanksgiving? No way! But well, it’s another holiday there with all the food and a table that’s breathing heavily under all this tasty weight. Since we love all occasions to celebrate food, we now present 4 vegan ideas for your Thanksgiving dinner.

We serve some classics and basics that you can also eat when it’s not Thanksgiving. The vegan gravy is also a big deal for Christmas and we could eat mashed potatoes and apple pie every day. We’re very interested to know what you’re eating, so post your favorite Thanksgiving recipes in the comments below.

Vegan Thanksgiving Dinner

Main: Seitan with vegan gravy

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R192 Vegan gravy

Check the recipe here.

Side dish: Green bean casserole and triple mash

R182 Green bean casserole

Check the recipe here.

R191 Triple Mash

Check the recipe here.

Dessert: Caramalized apple pie

R181 Caramelized apple pie

Check the recipe here.

A71 4 recipes for a thanksgiving dinner

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